Pawfect Love: Honouring Your Furry Friends on Your Special Day

Pawfect Love: Honouring Your Furry Friends on Your Special Day

Introducing Pawfect Love - Supplier Shout Out & Special!

Pawfect Love, an Adelaide-based company,

Specialises in creating unique keepsakes, gifts, and accessories for pet lovers. They offer a range of products designed to honour pets at weddings and elopements, allowing them to be a part of the special day in a physical way. Dani, the talented artist behind Pawfect Love, sculpts each piece with love, care, and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that your keepsake is personalised and resembles your furry friend perfectly.

Here are some of the amazing products offered by Pawfect Love:


Make a stylish statement with these custom-made cufflinks featuring miniature sculptures of your beloved pet. These cufflinks are a perfect accessory for grooms or anyone looking to add a touch of personalization to their attire.


Bouquet Pendant:

Carry your pet with you down the aisle with a beautiful bouquet pendant. These pendants feature a miniature sculpture of your furry friend, serving as a heartwarming reminder of their presence on your special day.

Cake Topper:

Add a delightful touch to your wedding cake with a custom-made cake topper showcasing your pet. These toppers are meticulously crafted to capture the likeness of your furry companion, making your cake truly unique and personalized.

Pawfect Love is perfect for elopement couples who want to include their pets in their intimate celebrations. Their keepsakes and accessories provide a tangible way to honor your furry friend’s presence, even in a small gathering.

Micro Weddings: Even in small and intimate ceremonies, Pawfect Love ensures that your pet is represented. Their bespoke keepsakes add a personal touch to your celebration, making it even more memorable.

Large Weddings: For couples planning a grand wedding, Pawfect Love’s custom-made accessories and keepsakes will help you include your pet in a significant way. These unique pieces will make a statement and showcase your love for your furry companion.

Pawfect Love has a special offer for couples using the code KISS15. By applying this code, couples will receive a 15% discount on the wedding collection, which includes cake toppers, cufflinks, and bouquet accessories.

Don’t forget to mention Pawfect Love on your wedding day, and our KISS photographer will make sure to capture these precious memories, paying attention to all the delightful details.

To explore their wedding collection and take advantage of the special offer, visit Pawfect Love’s website at:

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