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Kuitpo Forest Weddings

Kuitpo Forest is situated in the south Mount Lofty Ranges, just 45 MINUTE’S drive from Adelaide, near the township of Meadows.

About Kuitpo Forest Weddings

If you’re looking for an idyllic setting to tie the knot, look no further than Kuitpo Forest Reserve. Established in 1898, this stunning forest plantation in the Mount Lofty Ranges has been managed for sustainable forestry while also preserving native flora and fauna. And with over 2,100 hectares of plantation, there’s plenty of space for your dream elopement.

Our elopement packages

Include a celebrant and photography services, so you can say “I do” in the heart of nature surrounded by towering trees and beautiful scenery. And with Kuitpo Forest Reserve just an hour’s drive from Adelaide, it’s the perfect location for couples who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city without having to travel too far.

Accommodation is also available with a selection of 3 OFF the grid Tiny House Accommodation options. Perfect for a weekend away or mid week run off & get married option. With 3 of them your guests could book a couple too. 

South Australian Forest Weddings | CABN Tiny House wedding
Kuitpo Forest Weddings


If you’re looking for a picturesque spot to enjoy a romantic location with your partner.

look no further than Kuitpo Forest Weddings.

We recommend heading to Chookarloo or The Avenues at Kuitpo if you want to have a campfire. These designated picnic grounds offer fire pits where you can cozy up with your loved one and enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a crackling fire in winter.

With plenty of space to spread out and enjoy the natural beauty of the forest.

Kuitpo Forest is the ideal destination for a romantic elopement or intimate gathering with friends and family. And with our elopement packages that include a celebrant and photography services, you can even make your day a memorable moment by tying the knot surrounded by the beauty of nature.

So why wait?

Plan your Kuitpo Forest Wedding today and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Kuitpo Forest Weddings

We have you Covered! what do we offer? 

Kuitpo Forest Weddings

Elopement & Micro Wedding Packages

Elopement in the Forest

The Elopement Package presents a straightforward and charming option for getting married. You can take a leisurely walk through the woods or locate a cozy picnic area to exchange vows, and this package provides everything necessary for a private and memorable ceremony.

Optional Extras

Along with a devoted celebrant and photographer who will capture your cherished moments, you can unwind and savor the company of your select group of guests with a glass of wine in your hand. Moreover, no celebration is complete without delectable food. The Elopement Package can include a scrumptious platter of dishes and a small wedding cake to top off the festivities. If you desire an stress-free and romantic way to say “I do,” then the Elopement Package is the perfect choice for you.

Kuitpo Forest Weddings

The Micro-Large Ceremony

Micro weddings are an ideal choice for couples seeking an intimate and fashionable wedding that includes all the necessary features. Our ceremony package, which takes place in the magnificent setting of a forest, has everything you require for a perfect wedding.

Our amazing team

Our celebrant will guide you through your vows, while our skilled photographer will capture every precious moment of your big day.

The package accommodates up to 50 guests, enabling you to celebrate your momentous occasion with your loved ones.

Optional Extras

As you relish the moment with a glass of wine in hand, our team will can arrange an exquisite arbour, 20 chairs, and a signing table with a carpet runner to set the scene. With our micro wedding ceremony package, you only need to arrive and say “I do!”

Depending on your set up or ideas

Burbrook Forest just up the road might be a better option for a larger ceremony & Kuitpo Hall is also close by for a full reception.

Kuitpo Forest Weddings

Registry In The Pines

Are you searching for a straightforward yet sophisticated approach to getting married?

Our legal-only ceremony package is the answer! With the presence of our celebrant, you can exchange vows in a stunning forest ambience while holding a glass of exquisite wine or beer.

This package

Also comes with a one-hour photography session, capturing your cherished moment amidst the vines, and allows up to four guests to witness your love. Whether you prefer a hassle-free way to legalize your union or desire to celebrate in elegance, our legal-only ceremony is an excellent option.

Pine Wedding Packages

Location for ceremony & options for an afternoon picnic

Celebrant & Photography 

Ceremony styling & set up options

PLUS many more options…

We will work with you to create a tailored package for you


Look no further than CABN for your dream accommodation experience. Book your stay at CABN’s serene Nala cabin, nestled in the heart of nature, by visiting Once you’ve secured your date, let us know, and we’ll make your special day even more memorable with our exclusive Celebrant & Photographer package. It’s time to create lasting memories together, surrounded by the beauty of the great outdoors. Reserve your CABN and our KISS Package today!


Booking a celebrant and photographer with a package for your dry-hire wedding location can offer many benefits beyond just having complete control over the venue. By choosing to work with a celebrant and photographer from the start, you can ensure that your vision for the wedding is fully realized and captured in a way that will last a lifetime.

Here are some of the benefits of booking a celebrant and photographer package for your dry hire forest wedding:

  1. Shared vision: When you work with a celebrant and photographer from the start, they are able to understand your vision and help you to achieve it. By collaborating with them, you can create a cohesive theme and atmosphere for your wedding that is unique and reflects your personality.
  2. Cost-effective: Booking a celebrant and photographer package can be a cost-effective way to hire two essential vendors for your wedding. You may be able to save money on individual vendor fees by bundling services together in a package.
  3. Time-saving: By working with a celebrant and photographer from the start, you can save time and stress by having two important aspects of your wedding planning taken care of in one go. This can leave you more time to focus on other aspects of your wedding planning, or simply allow you to relax and enjoy the process.
  4. Seamless coordination: When you book a celebrant and photographer package, you can expect seamless coordination between the two vendors. This can ensure that your ceremony and photography go smoothly and that there are no delays or miscommunications between the two vendors.

In summary, booking a celebrant and photographer package for your dry hire wedding venue can be a great way to ensure that your vision for your wedding is fully realized and captured in a way that will last a lifetime. It can be a cost-effective and time-saving option, and can ensure seamless coordination between two essential vendors for your special day.

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Happy couples

Beautiful and magical venue. So extremely happy that we chose a Forest to have our elopement at, couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day or a more perfect venue. Highly highly recommend!

– Hannah & Josh

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