When should we book our elopement or micro wedding?

Flexibility in Choosing Your Special Day

Did you know that smaller weddings open up a world of possibilities when it comes to choosing your special day? While Saturdays have long been the go-to for wedding celebrations, the charm of intimate weddings allows you to consider any day of the week.

Surprisingly, Fridays steal the spotlight as the top choice for smaller weddings, offering guests the convenience of weekend travel while potentially cutting down on venue expenses.

Swift Planning for Swift Love

One delightful aspect of smaller weddings is the swiftness with which they come together. Unlike their larger counterparts, which often require a meticulous two-year planning process, micro weddings can be organized and booked in less than 12 months.

This means that couples opting for a cozy affair or a romantic elopement can say “I do” in a fraction of the time, savouring a shorter engagement period and diving into married life sooner than they might have imagined.

Smooth Sailing with Legal Requirements

For those dreaming of an enchanting elopement or a magical micro-wedding in Australia, keep in mind the legal requirement to lodge your “Notice of Intended Marriage” (NOIM) at least one calendar month before your chosen date. Thankfully, expert celebrants are at your service, guiding you through the paperwork with ease, and ensuring a stress-free journey to the altar.

If you’re reading this today, picture yourself saying your vows just one month from tomorrow!

Stress-Free Planning with Comprehensive Packages

Planning your dream wedding shouldn’t be a daunting task, especially when the option of booking a comprehensive package is within reach. Opting for a package deal means that all the intricate details have been expertly taken care of, leaving you free to revel in the magic of your special day without a hint of worry.

Sealing the Deal Sooner

So, when is the perfect time to seal the deal for your elopement or micro-wedding? The answer is simple: as soon as you’re ready to embark on this beautiful journey of love and commitment! With the unmatched flexibility and simplicity of smaller weddings, there’s no need to wait for years before exchanging vows.

Leap today, begin planning your intimate celebration, and revel in the joy of a shorter engagement period, a more personal affair, and memories that will warm your hearts for a lifetime.

When should we book our elopement or micro wedding?

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When should we book our elopement or micro wedding?