Making Your Love Story Shine

When you elope, with your Wedding Vows & Public Speaking you have the chance to make every part of your wedding uniquely yours, including your vows.

At KISS Package, we know how special this moment is. We’re here to help you create vows that truly express your love.

Private Vow Exchange:

Keeping it Personal

If you’re nervous about speaking in front of others, there’s no need to worry. You can write your vows as private letters to each other instead. This keeps the intimacy of your words while taking away any pressure.

Secluded Vow Exchange:

Another option is to exchange vows in a quiet, private place. Your photographer can be there to capture the moment without intruding, so you can be yourselves and have a genuine, intimate experience.



Advice from Experienced Celebrants:

Writing Your Own Vows: Our team at KISS Package can help you write personalized vows. We’ll guide you to find the right words that capture your love.

Balancing Legal Needs:

Understanding the Process: Legal requirements have specific wording, but the rest of your vows can be unique to you and your partner.

Get Creative:

Making Your Vows Special: Explore creative ways to personalize your vows with us. We’re here to help make your elopement as special as your love story.


Wedding Vows & Public Speaking


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If you are worried about your Wedding Vows & Public Speaking. Just know you are not alone, we got you! x