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As your premier choice for unforgettable wedding photography in South Australia.

We have a passion for crafting intimate celebrations that reflect your unique love story whether you envision exchanging vows on the pristine beaches of Adelaide, amidst the picturesque vineyards of the McLaren Vale, Barossa Valley, and Adelaide Hills, or in the heart of vibrant cities like Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane.

KISS dedicates itself to making your dream celebration a reality. From large celebrations, elopement or micro-wedding packages catering to your desires, let us curate an experience that exceeds your expectations. 

Your wedding should not resemble a quick-service drive-through or a hastily organised pop-up event.

Vision: Simplifying Love’s Celebration

“Discover a new era of wedding experiences with KISS Package Elopement & Micro Weddings. Our vision is to redefine weddings, envisioning a world where love, joy, and meaningful connections take centre stage, unburdened by stress and excessive costs. With a commitment to simplicity, affordability, and personalization, we aim to set a fresh standard for wedding celebrations. Join us in creating cherished memories that focus on the essence of love.”

Mission: Crafting Intimate and Memorable Moments

At KISS Package, our mission is to empower couples to embrace the true spirit of their union. We are dedicated to providing affordable, tailored wedding packages that redefine wedding planning, from a stressful ordeal to a joyous experience. By meticulously handling every detail, we allow couples to fully immerse themselves in the beauty of their love story. Through personalized planning, stunning locations, and meticulous attention to detail, our goal is to create weddings that are intimate, memorable, and authentic reflections of each couple’s unique bond.

Culture: Simplicity in Every Detail

At the heart of our culture lies the belief in the power of simplicity. We embrace the philosophy that love is best celebrated when free from unnecessary complexities. This principle guides our approach to every aspect of wedding planning, from the selection of venues to the design of décor. Our team is composed of passionate professionals who are dedicated to alleviating the stress associated with weddings, allowing couples to focus on the joy of their special day. We celebrate diversity and understand that every couple is distinctive, which is why we pride ourselves on crafting personalized experiences that resonate with each couple’s individual style and preferences. With unwavering commitment, we create weddings that are not just events, but memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

Fun Fact: The KISS method, standing for “Keep It Simple, Stupid,” emerged as a guiding principle in various industries, including aviation. Introduced by American aircraft engineer Kelly Johnson during World War II, this approach emphasized the power of simplicity in design, leading to the success of iconic creations such as the Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter plane.

“Hello, I drive the creative force behind KISS Package, bringing over 16 years of dedication to the art of wedding photography. I have crafted cherished memories for over 600 couples, assuming key roles as Creative Director, Enquiries Manager, Planner, and Advisor at KISS Package.

Immersed in the wedding industry for numerous years, I have developed an affinity for intimate celebrations, consistently embracing the KISS Philosophy. I am committed to bringing this vision to life.

As your primary point of contact, I provide warm and professional guidance, tailoring experiences that authentically reflect your unique vision. With a keen sense of organization and attention to detail, I orchestrate elopements seamlessly, ensuring your special day unfolds flawlessly.

KISS Package stands apart as a personalised wedding planning service. As an experienced advisor, I leverage extensive industry knowledge to offer valuable insights, refine timelines, and select perfect vendors matching your vision.

Our foundation at KISS Package relies on a commitment to excellence and authenticity. We pride ourselves on providing a stress-free journey toward your dream wedding. For a truly creative, dedicated, and professional experience, I invite you to join me in transforming your dreams into cherished, everlasting memories”.

GLENN | Adelaide-based & Australia

Photographer, Creative Director, Enquiries Manager, Planner, and Advisor


At the heart of the KISS Package Team, our success lies in the synergy of a dedicated and passionate team that is committed to transforming weddings into extraordinary experiences. Each member of our team plays a crucial role in ensuring that every wedding we create is a true reflection of love, intimacy, and cherished memories.

South Australia | Adelaide



Photographer | Australia + New Zealand

Originally from New Zealand and now based in Adelaide, Laurence is a talented wedding photographer. As a valuable member of the KISS PACKAGE micro weddings & elopements team, he specializes in capturing love and emotions through his craft.

Capturing Moments with Laurence

With a relaxed, stress-free style and a keen eye for candid moments, Laurence ensures your wedding experience is filled with fun and natural intimacy.

Eloping to New Zealand? Choose Laurence for an Unforgettable Day

If you’re considering eloping to New Zealand, he’s the perfect choice to make your special day unforgettable.

Epic Memories with Laurence

Laurence’s enthusiasm for creating epic images and his willingness to go above and beyond guarantees you’ll have cherished memories to relive forever. If you appreciate beautiful storytelling through photography and value moments with your loved ones, Laurence is the ideal photographer for you.



Photographer | South Australia

Meet Linda, the Creative Force at KISS PACKAGE Micro Weddings & Elopements

Linda, the creative eye and heart behind the camera at KISS PACKAGE micro weddings & elopements, captures love in various forms, from the tender moments of newlywed couples to the joyous chaos of growing families. Linda’s photography style embraces the natural and timeless essence of love, weaving together love, adventure, and breathtaking scenery to create unforgettable memories frozen in time. Devoted to documenting each couple’s unique love story, Linda ensures authenticity that reflects their personalities and showcases the beauty of their connection.

Capturing Your Special Day with Joy and Authenticity

Considering entrusting Linda to capture your special day? Rest assured, she finds pure joy in documenting the intimate moments when two souls exchange vows and embark on their journey as a married couple. Linda’s focus is on capturing the raw, unscripted emotions that make your love story exceptional, creating images that will forever bring a smile to your face.

Large Celebrations, Elopements & Micro Weddings