Accredited Professional Photographer and a member of the AIPP

Award Winning, Principal Photographer and Founder of KISS Package, Glenn introduced the concept of ‘pop up’ weddings to the Adelaide wedding industry in 2014.

Wedding photography has always been my passion. There’s something so magical about capturing a couple’s special wedding day that I decided I had to make it my career. I have photographed over 400 weddings over the past 10 years’ and can’t wait for the 10!” – Glenn

Glenn is an extremely passionate and experienced wedding photographer in Adelaide, which is reflected in his work. Glenn produces artistic, creative and photo journalistic wedding photographs that truly reflect the beauty of the day. They also incorporate scenic landscape photographs with weddings. For Glenn, his wedding photography service in Adelaide is not all about the photos. It’s about capturing special moments and emotions and immortalising them forever to share with future generations.


His noted awards are:

Australian Bridal Industry Awards
Winner, SA Wedding Photographer of the Year, 2016 & 2014
3rd Place, SA Wedding Photographer of the Year, 2015

International Weddison Awards
Best Wedding Photography Award, 2016


Civil Marriage Celebrant

Deb is down-to-earth, fun, and puts her heart and soul into every ceremony, and will work with you to get it just right. She is great with words and special little touches that will personalise your ceremony.

She is easy-going, modern (no two-piece suits in her wardrobe), and she enjoys adding lightness and fun to your day, whilst still giving weight to it’s importance.

Deb will always go the extra mile for couples – just ask her about her naked wedding! She is a firm believer that all people should have the right to marry, and she love’s marrying anyone in love 🙂